Legal Notices

Who is MinterEllison®

MinterEllison is a registered trade mark owned by MinterEllison®, the pre-eminent Australian legal partnership providing legal and consulting services directly and through its global network of affiliated firms and associated companies ('the MinterEllison group') -

  • MinterEllison (the 'Australian Firm') operates in almost every State and Territory of Australia.
  • Our broader network includes a number of associated and licensed entities providing legal or other business advice and services in the Gold Coast of Queensland, New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington), Hong Kong and London ('our Associates').

MinterEllison also has several affiliated businesses offering consulting services and labour hire services –

  • MinterEllison Consulting (ABN 50 017 469 292) (a partnership that provides non-legal consulting services),
  • IT Newcom Pty Ltd and IT Newcom New Zealand Limited that provide cutting edge ICT solutions directly to clients, and
  • Flex (a business unit within the Australian Firm) that offers labour hire services to clients seeking short-to-medium term contract lawyers.

MinterEllison is neither a global partnership, a single law firm, nor a multinational corporation: one member's partners (by whatever name) are not legal partners with the partners of another member. Accordingly, a reference in this website to "MinterEllison", "Minter Ellison", "the firm", "we", "us", or "our" relates to one or more entities of the MinterEllison group. References to an individual as a 'partner' means an individual who is a partner (or a person of equivalent status) of one of these members of the group.

The use of these phrases is for convenience and is in no way intended to imply that any of the entities are liable for each other's acts or omissions. Each of the firms is licensed to use the "MinterEllison" name but operate as separate legal entities. The firms making up this network and their locations (as updated from time to time) are as follows:

  • MinterEllison (ABN 91 556 716 819) a partnership in Australia, operating in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
  • MinterEllison (ABN 69 399 090 230), a separate partnership operating in Gold Coast, Australia;
  • Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, a separate legal partnership in New Zealand, licensed to use the name ‘MinterEllison’ in New Zealand;
  • Minter Ellison (SRA Registration Number 59338), a partnership in the United Kingdom, and
  • MinterEllison LLP (Business Registration Number: 31130878), a limited liability partnership in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. 

Each of the above entities (unless expressly identified as an agent or representative of the Australian Firm) is independent of the others in the network, is not owned or controlled by the Australian Firm, and no individual partner has any authority to bind the partners in any other entity. Similarly, none of us (or our partners) can obligate any member or its partners or owners to do anything, and each member of the group is liable only for its own acts or omissions and not those of any other member.

The business terms or engagement conditions for each entity will differ – you must observe the conditions and engage on the agreed terms, including complaints and disputes in respect to the services offered by the relevant entity. For compliance and tax purposes you should always confirm the entity with whom you are dealing.

Scams Trojans and Phishing Frauds & Cons

Be aware of emails or pop ups that purport to be authored or sent by MinterEllison that demand you be redirected to a external site, require you to divulge sensitive information, contain demands for money or financial data (such as bank account or credit card details) or that offer prizes or awards that are at odds with a legal professional service provider's usual business.

In particular, fake invoices or demands sent from an email address that is clearly incorrect (e.g. MinterEllison does not use a geographic url); unusual attachment types like .exe files; requests suggesting your password or link to the site needs to be renewed and to require you to go to another site or insert your current password for verification. Do not in any of these cases attempt to reply or contact the alleged sender or open any suspicious emails or attachments. If possible take a screen shot and send the screen shot to [email protected] or call your local office for further assistance.