Amended Hong Kong Listing Rules relating to the Paperless Listing and Subscription Regime becomes effective

On 5 July 2021, the proposed amendments to the Hong Kong Listing Rules relating to the paperless listing and subscription regime have come become effective, pursuant to which (i) all listing documents in a new listing be published solely in an electronic format; and (ii) all new listing subscriptions, where applicable, be made through online electronic channels only, subject to certain exceptions. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) has also issued a series of FAQs to assist applicants and issuers to understand and comply with the amended Listing Rules.

This regime forms part of the SEHK’s paperless initiatives and commitment to lower costs and streamline the processes for listing in Hong Kong. The SEHK considers that the Listing Rules requirements for printed form physical listing documents and the physical display of documents are out-of-date, and the amendments will bring the Listing Rules in line with the common practice of other Hong Kong and overseas regulators for paperless documentation.

13 July 2021
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